More diversity, less discrimination

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The Di&Di project develops strategies for a successful integrationinto the local/national labour market for

qualified young people with a migratory experience
low qualified women with a migratory experience

The Di&Di project also addresses professionals working with migrants and people in charge of diversity in Human resources Department.

Main activities of the Di&Di project:

  • Training for the two target groups with the scope to : 
    • identify and value their skills & competences;
    • open their perspectives for employment or new professional career;
    • enhance their creative and spirit of entrepreneurship competences;
    • enhance the exchange of participants' different experiences and competences.
  • Mentoring for professionals who support or employ qualified young people or low qualified women with a migratory experience with the scope to 
    • take into account the specific needs and potentials of their clients/employees in their daily practices
  • Setting up a steering committee with experts active in the field of social/economic integration with the scope to
    • gather the lessons learned from the Di&Di training and mentoringin the view of the local and national context
  • Providing the output of the Di & Di project to the networks of migrants and professionals in the fields of migration, employment, local administration, training and education institutions

The main innovations of the Di & Di project is:

  • to bring together the methods of integration strategies for the target groups between the partners in five European countries
  • to experiment a training tool which was developed byAutremonde et IRIV ( and a coaching tool for the professionals working with the target groups which was developed by Enda Europe ( for new contexts of migration and labour market.

Di & Di is a project in the framework of the European Educational Programme LEONARDO DA VINCI. It is carried out by a consortium of six organizations in five countries: