Completed projects

Project "Constitutional Model of the Judicial System – experience and perspectives"


Project Constitutional Model of the Judicial System – experience and perspectives is a joint initiative of Centre for Policy Modernisation (CPM) and Centre for Immigration and Integration (CII), financed by Operational Programme Good Governance, Grant Agreement № BG05SFOP001-3.003-0126-С01/03.02.2021

Youth Included

The project "Youth Included" is implemented in partnership with Civis Plus, Greece and the Turkey Youth Federation. It aims to increase the participation of third country nationals in youth activities with a view to their smooth integration into society. Specifically, the proposed project aims to:

More diversity, less discrimination

The Di&Di project develops strategies for a successful integrationinto the local/national labour market for

qualified young people with a migratory experience
low qualified women with a migratory experience

The Di&Di project also addresses professionals working with migrants and people in charge of diversity in Human resources Department.

LinguaINCLUSION European models and good practices for linguistic integration in primary schools with young immigrants


Optimizing the capacities of the school systems to welcome an increasing presence of immigrants and to offer flexible and integrative paths for language acquisition by third country nationals.

Priority and specific objectives:

Support for the inclusion of immigrants in the Bulgarian society

"Support for the inclusion of immigrants in the Bulgarian society", co-financed by the European Fund for Integration of Third Country Nationals, "Integrated grant scheme for the implementation of activities, aiming the introduction into practice of the Common Basic Principles of the policy for integration of immigrants in the EU", creation of a methodology for the progress, building the necessary capacity".

The main objectives of this project are to:

"What about the other?" A Question for Cross-Cultural Education in the 21st Century

Edited by: Nayla Tabbara
Editor: Notre Dame University - Louaize, Lebanon, Adyan
ISBN: 978-9953-558-27-1
Tihomira Trifinova, The Educational Power of Civil Society, pp. 219 - 228

This publication is one of the outcomes of a two year experience in Cross-Cultural research, education and communication joining different partners from the Euro-Mediterranean region.